Monday, October 6, 2008

I Am So, So Sorry....

I saw something powerful while working at the Obama campaing office in Oregon City today.

A woman came in with her grandson and asked how to change her party affliiation. She was a regisgtered Republican and wanted to change that. Independant or Democrat, I don't know. I gave her the form and explained how to fill it out. She looked a little shakey.

One of my coworkers told her "We see a lot of people like you, people that voted for both Bushes, they come in here."

The women looked down at her grandson and her eyes misted up. Her voice cracked as she spoke just above a whisper "I am so, so sorry.

Like it was all her fault. What Bush and the Republicans have done to our country.

We told her it was OK, and that Obama would set things right. 

She then vollunteered to join the campaign. I love working for this man.

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  1. Great story! I doubt Obama will be perfect, but he's gonna be such a breath of fresh air after the Bushcapades and Cheneycalypse.