Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did!

1,000,000 volunteers worked election day.

3,500,000 people donated to the campaign.

After years of neo-com misrule, years of war, income redistribution up to the wealthiest, years of war, and years of being told there was nothing we could do about it, the giant awoke.

In the Clackamas County headquarters I worked in, I saw people hitting every neighborhood, then going back again and again to talk to the undecided, to encourage the discouraged, and to get out the vote. I saw older people with little exposure to computers become skilled at our micro targeting voter database. I saw high school students going out in the rain to register working people at bus stations. And day after day, night after night, volunteers flooded into our headquarters to phone bank. Most had never been involved in a campaign before.

And across the country, our story was repeated. Each office bringing out the voters. Neighbor to neighbor. A triumph of community organizing writ large. Men, women, all ethnicities, rich, poor, and in between, gay, and straight. America showed up, and went to work.

On November 4th, these people stood up and said "Yes We Can!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008