Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kurt Schrader drops by

Kurt Schrader, Democrat for congress came by the Obama campaign today in Oregon City to talk about the Get Out The Vote campaign. 

Although the man is known as a numbers and budget guy, he is a farmer and in casual mode. We were all Obama volunteers, so he talked campaigning. 

"I got some great news from our latesting polling," he said. "I'm up 9 points."

People whooped.

"And some not so great news. 30% of the voters are undecided." 

I had read he was 13 points up in another poll. His opponent, Mike Erikson, claims to be anti-abortion, but the anti-abortion groups haven't liked him since Erikson arranged for his mistresses abortion. The state Republican party and Gordon Smith, the state's Republican senator, refused to endorse him. So what's with the undecided voters?

"Only about twenty percent of the people in this district read the papers," said Schrader. He asked us, when we were on someone's doorstep or on the phone, to speak up for him.

OK Kurt. It's a deal.

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