Thursday, November 25, 2010

Game Book: Rogue Trader: Edge of the Abyss

Rogue Trader: Edge of the AbyssRogue Trader: Edge of the Abyss by Fantasy Flight Games

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great book for Rogue Trader games masters.

I liked Edge of the Abyss. There is enough there that is useful that will help me GM exciting RT games. My favorite bits:

Legends, myths, and lies. Great mood setters and examples of documents your players might come across.

The Breaking Yards at SR-651. What a great place to make repairs, meet pirates, and do business.

The Eldar: My players love the Eldar and Dark Eldar, even if their characters do not. They want more Eldar adventures, and these four Eldar (or 3 Eldar, 1 Dark Eldar) factions will help get that kicked off. I love the light cruiser.

The Rok 'Gol: A chaos worshiping race that looks like the Geiger designed monsters from Alien? That shows up when the players are at any archeological dig site? Works for me.

The Stryxis: My players are already fascinated by this race. Enough details and fluff to use them in many encounters.

Chaos Reavers. Yes please. I'm already using the Brotherhood of the Horned Darkness as the power behind several rival rogue traders. Time to ratchet it up and bring out the big boys.

Kasballica: Great. I've already built in a shadow war between the Kasballica and the Ameranthine Syndicate.

Vaults of the Forgotten. I'll mod it before I use it, but it's a fun action / horror scenario. You could substitute the Ameranthine Syndicate for the Kasballica if that's the way your campaign is moving. And I really like the hooks. The PCs are minority investors with the control being in the hands of criminals.

Most of the rest isn't bad, just not as useful to *my* campaign. I wish they had cut all the space they devoted to rival rogue traders (there are enough in "Lure ot the Expanse") and really fleshed out the Disciples of Thule and the "mysteries" of the other worlds. Vehicles for each race would have been nice. Worlds that would have helped my campaign:
  • a sample Pirate haven
  • a high tech, but non-Imperium, planet to trade with
  • a Thulian forge world

 Rogue Trader: Edge of the Abyss
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