Monday, February 15, 2010


If I ever even hint of buying anything from Dell again, please shoot me.

I ordered a nice I7 gaming rig in September 09. It was to include a free upgrade from Vista (boo!) to Windows 7 (yea!).

The shipment was delayed over and over again. By the time I got it in November, Windows 7 was already out. But I had (and still have!) Vista. Boo!

So in November, I go to the Dell website and register for my free upgrade. I thought, "that's pretty sneaky, if I hadn't gone here, I wouldn't have gotten the upgrade." Little did I know.

The web site told me I was registered, and I would get an email from Dell when my Windows 7 upgrade was available.

Come Febrary, I'm starting to wonder what's going on. So I use the Dell chat customer support. I call customer support. I get a different message each time I call.

Friday I'm told "No problem, we can take care of you. Expect an email telling you how to get your upgrade soon."

Today, Monday, I get a call while I'm out. Alison can't understand what the man is saying.

So I call the number and after lots of hold time I get told I'm too late. I needed to have called in January. For the upgrade I've been waiting for since November. For a computer that should have shipped with it pre-installed.

I hate Dell.


  1. No fair! Do over! I had pretty good luck with the Dell I bought, but that was (yikes) 8 or 9 years ago, and haven't even considered buying from them since.

  2. And this is why I'll always be a Mac person. You should just keep asking to talk to someone higher up...sometimes they'll give you what you want just to get rid of you ;)