Monday, February 9, 2009

Economic Recovery House Meeting

We had an Economic Recovery House Meeting at our house yesterday. People came over to share their stories and brainstorm on how to help President Obama get the recovery rolling. Some people were unemployed, many were underemployed. Small business owners spoke of cutting back and putting off expansion plans. A professor talked of his students who are about to graduate, and are finding they are competing with 700 or 900 applicants for a single job.

Even so, the mood was upbeat. The Republican attack machine couldn't stop Obama the candidate, and we don't believe it will stop President Obama. And we want to help.

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  1. I was heartened to see how many people were becoming interested in fighting for the things that many Americans want--economic stimulus, job creation, better education, etc.

    Some people suggested marching in protest, and some responded that the media never tells viewers what is being protested and tries to find images that misrepresent protests as simple lawlessness.

    Some people said that they'd write letters to their representatives, to editors of newspapers, and to news media producers.


    But, there are many ideas out there that most of us haven't heard about because the media controls the debate. Please, learn about the work of the American Monetary Institute,

    Riane Eisler:

    and many other progressives whose ideas are not reported. This is only economic policy info. I will post on other topics as I can.