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Game Book Review: Realm of the Ice Queen: A Guide to Kislev

Realm of the Ice Queen: A Guide to Kislev Realm of the Ice Queen: A Guide to Kislev by Green Ronin

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This is a well done country book for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying. You'll want the core rulebook to make use of this supplement.

The nation of Kislev is stuck between Chaos and the Empire. The culture is an uneasy blending of Russian and Mongolian.

There are many new professions, including new magical ones, such as "Ice Witch."

The art is well done, mostly Gothic pen and ink.

The country, government (or lack thereof), and major cities are well described. New creatures that roam the steppes go along with new backgrounds.

The adventure in the back is very quick, two sessions at most. There are rules for handling either a group of characters from Kislev or the Empire. However, it was too brief for my tastes. It did give examples of some fine Kislev challenges, and I think it's worth more for mining ideas than anything else.

However, if you are the Games Master of a WFRP game, this book will only be useful as background if you ever plan on sending your players to Kislev. Or let the players come from Kislev. Or just want to read up on Kislev. Otherwise, it won't impact your play.

As a player, you might want this book if you want to be from Kislev, or your GM has placed you there and you want to try some of the new professions. "Hag" and "Ice Witch" are my favorites.

If you are running The Thousand Thrones campaign, this will be very useful, as that campaign concludes deep in the Kislevian wilderness.

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