Sunday, November 18, 2007

Orycon 29

Ursula Le Guin

Today Orycon ended. I saw people hugging each other and saying things like "I wish my whole life was like this."

Well, it certainly was a good time.

I did writery stuff in the day time, gamer stuff in the evenings.

Sometimes I had an hour to kill and did random stuff.

I met Ursula Le Guin, Robert Charles Wilson, Peter S. Beagle, Mary Rosenblum (my mentor), David Goldman (from my critique group), Kirk (from my role playing group) & Cheri, and lots of people I've met at other writing events. And people in costumes. And people playing games.

Vampire Space Pirates

I tried Deadwood, a Cheapass Game on Friday night, and Arkham Horror on Saturday night.

My head's still buzzing, take a look at more pictures. If the slide show isn't working for you, here's the photo set.

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  1. OryCon was cool. Looking forward to next year's!

    Good photos.